DTD FORUM RULES (updated: 3rd May 2009)

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DTD FORUM RULES (updated: 3rd May 2009)

Post by Ninja Fish on Sun Oct 07, 2007 12:58 am

Here are the rules. These are here to keep the forum in order. Breaking any of these rules will lead to a black mark for the offender. Every member starts off with 0 black marks/white marks.
White Marks are good. These can lead to your status being promoted on DTD.
Black Marks are bad. These can lead to you being banned from DTD.

The black mark system looks like this:


If you receive 7 black marks, you are banned. If you receive white marks, you go towards the left.


1) No Spamming
-Any post that adds nothing to a topic or is pointless is considered spam. It is not allowed here in DTD. This includes smiley-only posts, or topics such as "ZOMG I AM TEH L33T@#$#@ROFL!".
-Try to use less one word posts as you can. Too much of these will be considered spam. One-word posts also consist of rating someone's work with only a rating, such as "10/10".
-If you wish to rate someone's work, include constructive comments as well.
-The Official Spammer rank does not mean you are allowed to spam. All forum rules will be applied to everybody on DTD.

2) No Rudeness/Flaming
-Any posts, topics, comments or names that could be hurtful to a member of the community are not allowed. This includes anything from making fun of someone to making physical threats.
-Swearing or using any other type of inappropriate language is not allowed on this forum. This includes evading the word filter set in place. If you write something that is offensive and it is not censored, you will be punished. However if it is censored, it is considered fine.
-Being rude to anyone, or provoking anyone in such a way to get them to flame (aka "flame baiting"), is not allowed and will not be tolerated. It can cause flamewars and arguments, which will result to punishments being dealt to anyone involved.

3) No Identity Exposure
-No mentioning of private details in the public sections of the forums. (etc. Names, Address, Phone Number...) You can however discuss these in the PM system.

4) Post in the Correct Forum
-Topics should always be posted in the appropriate forum. All forums have a short description of the forum's purpose, so please read those first before posting. If you're not sure where a topic belongs, simply message an online moderator and we will help you decide where to post it.

5) No Double Posting
-Double posting is when you post twice in the same topic, one post directly after the other. This is considered as spam.
-If you want to say something after posting go back to other post and add to it.

6) No rude pictures
-No rude pictures may be posted on the forum. These can be those in posts, avatars or signatures.
-Any pictures that are offensive, degrading, racist, sexual will be considered a rude picture.
-Rude pictures will be immediately deleted by an Admin and the offender will be punished with a black mark.

7) No impersonation
-Impersonation of DTD staff or any of its members will not be tolerated.
-No posting for other members.

8) Have fun. Please.
-This is the most obvious. Please have fun here. Remember to... or else.


Okay then. There are the rules. We will add a few more as the time comes.

If you have a question feel free to ask one of our Admins or Mods. (Not meh).
Also... If you feel you have been banned unrightly inform our Admins or Mods of your concerns.

Rules are based off those from Sal's Forums and have been edited to suit the purpose of DTD.

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